YC Chang

President of the Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Co. (FETC)
Creating the win-win transportation era for society, government and corporation

As part of the national ITS ( Intelligent transportation system) and traffic development policies, Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Co. (FETC) officially commissioned the TANFB (Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau)  to set up the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) service on all highways in Taiwan.  FETC  is responsible for the construction and operation of toll collection system in the next

eighteen years and four months. We are happy to dedicate our efforts to highway drivers, and provide a working platform for future transportation valued industrial development. Eventually, it is our goal to create the win-win for the society, government and corporation.

We launch our ETC service from February 10, 2006. ETC has experienced many difficulties and challenges. However, as a result of continuous efforts and team works, FETC overcame many obstacles and  steadily gained the confidence of customers and TANFB.  We are proudly steadily on the path of best ETC services.
“Solution and Operation” rendered by FETC has 3 leading characteristics:

  1. The largest starting operational scale in the world: ETC service was provided on all highways to all types of cars, including passenger cars at the same time. 
  2. Leading successfully technological integration in the world of “IC Intelligence Card” and OBU.           
  3. The first two systems model in the world: combing both DSRC and VPS system in the world. And, we expect two system approach will  promote the cooperation within different industries and technological development  

We believe ETC project is not a traditional transportation administration or traffic flow control management system, it is an important “public service”.  Since ETC project is a business of public service, we must have the advanced prospects, strategies and operations. It is not only our objective to maintain the “First Three” but cling to the following principles: be contingent, be truthful, be innovative, and “customer first”, which all serve as the core corporate values. In addition, being innovative in internal and external aspects will increase the public confidence and expectation in ETC service.
The way FETC running business in providing services to individual customers is to gather all information from the prospective of customers and treat customers as the first priority in any decision making. July 2007 proved to be a significant milestone for FETC because we have more than 0.1 billion drivers using ETC lanes. As we celebrate this remarkable accomplishment, however we still find rooms for further service improvement. 
To gain more public confidence in ETC service, first of all we are prepared to handle any contingency and respond our customers any minute with well restructuring plans. Secondly, one of our basic requirements that we must meet and has been met is to achieve 99.98% accuracy of toll collection. Nothing but being truthful is the most important principle to meet all criteria. Lastly, “The First Three” in the world is not only an innovation but a creation. Pursuing innovation is also the strategic approach for all solution..
We value all the customer responses and reactions from various sources. And we intergrades those concerns into every action the company takes. FETC are committed to the principle of “Customer First” and make continuous progress with tremendous amount of time and efforts to achieve the highest quality of our service. It is also the target that our management team has been trying to achieve.
Well-structured solution, excellent management team as well as the core value and vision of FETC, are all the core capability for us to success. As the time of FETC’s operation of the ETC system, it can  stimulate domestic development for various industries such as manufacture, optoelectronic, information, telecommunication and financial institutions. “One card” offers the public with IT transportation convenience so that everyone is able to enjoy a high-quality of life with advanced technology.
Your concerns are always important to us because that motivates us to achieve the best performance. We strive to reach our ultimate goals that is to create the win-win situation for society, government and corporation, and we always need your continue supports and ongoing interests to fulfill the accomplishment.

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Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Co. (FETC) was commissioned by Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau to set up the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) service.
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